Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I like dresses

I have been trying to get out of my t-shirt and jeans rut, deeply established after working in a lab for the past seven (!(sigh)) years, so I was quite excited to receive this new dress from Patagonia in the mail yesterday.

I like Patagonia a lot. Looking at the catalogs they put out, full of fit, attractive people out doing physically challenging things in nature, has always inspired me. Granted, I tend to be impressionable like that (aren't we all, I suppose that's why advertising works), but these catalogs make me want to pare down my existence to a streamlined set of high-quality, responsibly-manufactured products, and then go out and explore the world.

Now Patagonia's starting to make more street clothes as well, and I love the pattern on this new, super-comfy, organic cotton dress!

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