Tuesday, February 26, 2008

rain rain go away

This weekend was cold and soggy, which was frustrating because my internet doesn't seem to work when it rains. This must be a physical issue with some wire getting, well, wet or something, no? Still, the indoor weather was a good excuse to upload some recent photos from our trip to Long Beach to visit Bets and Brad.

I love the textures in the tree and side walk that the rain brought out. Also, next time you find yourself in Seal Beach, save some room for breakfast at Nicks:
The breakfast burritos here are DELISH. Again, I think the texture is key--the insides are all chopped up and interspersed into a tasty egg/chorizo/bacon/potato/cheese amalgam, then the package is neatly wrapped in a homemade tortilla. By far the best breakfast burrito I've encountered (and apparently I'm not alone, so be ready for a line)!

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