Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm facing so many these days, including the beginning of the end of my time at Stanford and my career as a neuroscientist. All this flux is both exciting and scary to me, and I'm trying to spend time focusing on the former adjective. I hope to use this space as a way to exercise my creativity and to document the changes I'm facing, the plans I'm making, and the stuff I'm enjoying along the way*.

I'll start with this photo, in tribute to my title, which means "Sweet Potato" in Japanese:

* Note: For the next several months many of my posts may be wedding-related. I'm a bride-to-be whose head is spinning (with glee!) at all the beautiful choices I get to make. However, in general I expect this stuff to focus on fabric, photos, food, the occasional fact or two, along with various other assorted fluff.

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